4 Major SEO Trends To Look Out For in 2018

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  • By admin
  • December 4, 2017
  • SEO

Ranking on page 1 will always be the priority in everyone’s SEO strategy. But how you reach the top is a constant changing frontier. Throughout 2017 we have seen a massive shift from desktop-only methods to more mobile-friendly strategies. Apart from mobile-friendly sites, Google’s search engine in 2017 started to also focus on local search and personalised content.

There is a lot of future potentials for SEO to adapt to technological advances and the changes in the way online consumers interact with search engines. Here are 4 SEO methods to keep an eye on for your 2018 strategy:

1. Voice search: a new way to look for your business online.

Your customers don’t need to type anymore. With the success of machine learning, voice recognition is becoming a prominent part of everyday life. The rise of voice assistants such as Google Home and Siri means the search engine can be accessed simply by voice. The difference between typing and speaking is the way natural speech works. In 2018 SEO could see a shift from on-screen content strategies to natural speech friendly optimisation.

2. Featured snippets: give your customers direct answers.

There are so many ways to reach the first page, from AdWords and meta tags to rich content. Another method that’s starting to gain popularity in ranking methods is being a featured snippet. Featured snippets are answers that customers get when they type a simple question or phrase. Google highlights relative direct answers to the top of their SERPs. If you would like to use this way to rank on page one your web content should have succinct how-to’s and what-is questions to have a chance at having a featured snippet slot.

3. User Experience: website navigation focused on visitor behaviour.

Your website isn’t just the online hub of your business. It is meant to be an easy way for current and potential customers to reach out to you. There’s more to user experience SEO than just a site’s loading speed and links. Google is now getting better at measuring the navigation of your site, access to important information and can detect annoying ads and pop-ups. In 2018 your site’s user experience should start focusing more on the visual appeal of your content, having a clean layout and have content that is easy to scan.

4. Embedded videos: visual content to grab online visitors.

Original content still drives an SEO’s success factor. Quality blogs and landing pages will always be an important way to reach the first page. But Google is continuing to increase their focus on video. Videos can capture and engage online visitors, lowering bounce rates and increasing potential conversions. Just as mobile continues to grow its expansion 2018 may be the year that videos are no longer an extra feature but a mandatory requirement.

As technology rapidly expands its horizons, SEO campaigns will require constant monitoring and tweaking. The basics of a successful SEO strategy remains the same. Your website still needs to load quickly, have a compact meta tag, outgoing links and follows Google’s guidelines just as before. However, it needs to start being open to more innovative ways of keeping your online customer’s attention. 2018 will test just how versatile your SEO strategy can be.

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