IT Consulting Company

IT Consulting Company was formed in 2013 by two long time friends, with an aim to help small-to-medium sized businesses connect better with their customers through a client centric approach. We are here to give a lending hand to those that are lacking the time, the means, or the manpower to project their own grand ideas into the digital sphere. We hold a passion for web design, SEO as well as a dedication to developing ideas and theories for the betterment of those around us.

Since those humble, early days, we have evolved into one of the leading digital agencies in Melbourne. Still, at the heart of our core beliefs is the very same notion that underpinned our creation; service and dedication to the cause of our clients. We work in conjunction with, not on behalf of, with the aim to deliver a more tailored and comprehensive result where our clients will benefit from immensely.

“To create, share, and expand on ideas that will allow us to communicate more efficiently and effectively for a better tomorrow”

We could not do this, however, if it were not for the strength of our team; the result of a tireless process to get together a friendly, hardworking, and creative ensemble. Our team shares both our passion for web strategies that work, and a desire to assist all of our clients in any way that they can. This is evident in everything that we do, from the biggest projects, to the smallest of tasks, and continues to drive us towards bigger and better things.

Find out how we can project your business onto the world stage by calling ITCC on 1300 770 119, and join us in revolutionising your business.