Video Marketing in Melbourne

One of the most effective tools that we have for digital advertising in Melbourne is also one of the most common in video marketing. Through website integration and YouTube optimisation, ITCC can help your message be easily shared to a wider audience throughout Melbourne. We can showcase your videos right throughout your online presence, showcasing your company in a more open, attractive, and compelling light.

Your customers and clientele are the lifeblood of your company, which is why it’s a great idea to keep them informed of the latest news and information regarding you and your industry. Video marketing can help spread your achievements, as well as providing your customer base with all of your special promotional material. It’s easily digestible, too, and encourages sharing between peers and industry experts.

Marketing strategies

Our strategies for video marketing are designed to specifically target your existing client base, allowing them to engage with you. We seek to connect to your key demographic targets throughout Melbourne.

Video campaigns

Our video marketing campaigns will share all of the vital information that you wish to let your fans know in a positive and attractive manner. It will seek to make the most out of the qualities that come from the video production.

Video production

We use the latest technology and editing processes to produce visually stunning moving images. Our video production team will capture your message perfectly, and in an attractive manner.

Tracking and analysis

Want to know how your campaign is performing and the audience it reaches? We measure the performance of your video marketing venture, making adjustments where necessary, as well as optimised placement.

We know exactly what makes a great video


Our video production will not only be able to share your vital information with your loyal fanbase in Melbourne, but also market them through the most effective channels. This is the key to making sure that your video marketing is as effective as it can be, as well as helping to share your good news with a potentially wider demographic in YouTube views.

Video production, however, also requires time and dedication inputted into the design. Our video production and marketing team specialise visual optimisation, and can reflect your brand’s imagery into the DNA of the video content itself. We can provide you with an attractive format with which to display your message, on top of our approach to creating informative and distinguishable video marketing material.