Custom software development in Melbourne

At the heart of what makes the IT world tick over in both Melbourne and across the world is custom software development. The need to have a reliable, purpose built application to drive productivity and efficiency is one that is important, especially in this age, where the workplace is ever adapting and always evolving. For this to happen, you need a likewise reliable software developer, and this is where we come in.

Whether it be for your own SaaS start-up, or a host of cloud operated applications, ITCC can proficiently develop custom software for your business that will deliver on these points. Our development team has worked with many businesses, both here and abroad, fine tune their daily workings into a streamlined train of results and efficiency. We can do the same for you, too, providing you with a system, specific to your industry, that will help you gain an advantage.

Research and discovery

To create truly successful software, you have to first research and find out what is required. Our extensive research process hones in on the requirements, the intended application, as well as who is most likely to use it.

We also look into your competition, to see how we can enhance your overall software application, and conduct an extensive array of usability tests. Analysis is key, and we’ll pass on this information to you through comprehensive reports and recommendations.

Development and delivery

Performance and technology

Our development team then goes to work, turning your idea into a working entity. We practice agile software development, a methodology that encourages collaboration between teams, further enhancing your new system for a better working process.

We also employ the dual track scrum idea, which makes sure that the software being delivered will be the software that you wanted. Through extensive and ongoing testing, we seek to enhance every aspect of your custom software.

Our custom software developers are proficient in all forms of programming languages, and will be best placed to make your system adaptive and responsive. They will also be able to produce a system that will be cross-platform, catering for both Android and iOS devices alike.

We are also the experts in utilising the key principles of big data, and will be able to engineer a set of software systems that will be proficient at processing large requests. Ultimately, we aim to prepare your business for the future of software as a core component of your working process.

Support and maintenance

After the development of your custom software, we continue to make sure that it is working as it should, and that we can provide you with any assistance needed. Our support staff will be with you every step of the way.

We can also provide maintenance and upgrades where needed, assuring that your software is always at the forefront of the latest in development and technology. Our commitment throughout the process and beyond its completion is to further drive your business to greater things.

What we can do for you

At ITCC, we understand the incredible power that online relationship building can provide. All of our email marketing campaigns are designed precisely with this in mind. We will utilise in depth knowledge of your industry to help you reach out to your base and suppliers, transforming your company into a vibrant information hub.

We will also be able to manage your email database effectively, making sure that your target audience is always expanding. With a keen eye on the progress of your marketing campaign, we can guarantee that your emails will be received by an increasing number of people. We can give you the reach and the audience that you need to make an impact online.


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