Remarketing for Melbourne businesses

More and more businesses in Melbourne are quickly realising how behavioural remarketing can give them for greater conversions and leads. Whilst retargeting is not a new concept, it has become more powerful in its scope and delivery speed. At ITCC, we have helped many SME’s with Google Ads remarketing, allowing them to reconnect with previous users easier than ever before. We can do the same for you, too.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting advertising displays Google Ads on pages based on the user’s surfing history. For example, a user visits an eCommerce site that sells shoes, then leaves for another website, they will see an ad for those very same pair of shoes they were just viewing. Remarketing for search ads can lead to an increase in goal conversions of up to 50 to 60%. They also serve to increase your wider awareness beyond what you currently have.

How does remarketing work?

Remarketing is done through pay-per-click based ads, the most used of which is Google AdWords. These ads also allow for more options in how the ad can be displayed. PPC remarketing is used all over the world, as well as right here at home in Melbourne. It is also used by a wide variety of businesses, from small retail stores, to large companies. The breadth of scope of Google allows remarketing AdWords to reach everyone, making the retargeting potential endless.

Further benefits of retargeting campaigns

  • Will easily reaches your core audience.
  • Can offer a bright, vibrant display of your brand.
  • It will showcase almost immediate results.
  • Can promote audience retention and encourage users to revisit your page.
  • Is one of the most cost-effective way of increasing your sales and leads.

We’re the AdWords retargeting experts

Our clients benefit from our expertise in AdWords remarketing. Not only can we create a remarketing message that will draw your users and customers back, but we can also optimise it to work efficiently. Your campaign, along with your SEO strategy, will be carefully managed by our expert team. They will make sure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan.

Talk to us today about getting your very own retargeting campaign up and running

Our team know the ins and outs of PPC remarketing. They will be able to give you the best practices and right advice on how to get your campaign up and running quickly and easily. You can contact them by calling us today, and asking them about how such a campaign in Melbourne, run by ITCC, can deliver you the greater sales and leads that you’ve always wanted.


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