Embedded system programming in Melbourne

Embedded system programming is a set component inside of any CPU that directs its primary function. Embedded system programming can be found in almost everything we use, from our laptops, to our mobile phones, and even the latest in digital watches. Embedded system programming is the language that you need to speak if you are a budding entrepreneur, and our team at ITCC are in a position to help.

Our software developers are adept at embedded system programming, and can help your entrepreneurial idea come to life. No matter what device you have conceived, and no matter how it will act and respond, our embedded programming will help to make your great idea a reality. After all, our company also started off as a grand idea, and since ours came to fruition, we’ve been seeking to make other, likeminded visions become reality.

User interface development

One of the major aspects of embedded system programming is the most visible, the interface. Through our history of designing everything from websites to social media campaigns, we’ve learnt throughout the journey what works, what doesn’t, and how best to engage with your intended audience.

Our interface development looks at enhancing the experience of the person that is using your device. From the presentation of the device, down to the ease of which that person can manoeuver around your interface, we can fine tune every aspect of your device. Our interface designers also input the graphical elements for which we are renowned, creating a UI that is both engaging and attractive

Testing and debugging

Whilst it may seem obvious, many forget that embedded system programming cannot function properly without rigorous testing and debugging protocols. At ITCC, our team goes to great lengths to make sure that everything is working as it should, leaving no stone unturned, and never taking shortcuts.

We test every angle and aspect of your entrepreneurial device, from the UI, right down to the fundamentals of the hardwire programming. It is this approach which has seen us develop key interface tools with well known corporations, and we can easily and happily do the same for you as well.

What we can do for you

At ITCC, we understand the incredible power that online relationship building can provide. All of our email marketing campaigns are designed precisely with this in mind. We will utilise in depth knowledge of your industry to help you reach out to your base and suppliers, transforming your company into a vibrant information hub.

We are also providing SEO services in Melbourne and will also be able to manage your email database effectively, making sure that your target audience is always expanding. With a keen eye on the progress of your marketing campaign, we can guarantee that your emails will be received by an increasing number of people. We can give you the reach and the audience that you need to make an impact online.


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