PPC Advertising in Melbourne

The Google AdWords pay per click service (also referred to as PPC) has become the largest generator of advertising revenue in the digital marketplace. Google AdWords began as a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to cumbersome banner ads, and is now widely used throughout the world as a means of creating leads and traffic. The marketing experts at ITCC have used PPC services extensively, and know exactly what works, and how to best optimise it.


The ins and outs of PPC marketing

PPC ads utilise the Google AdWords service through both sponsored links and paid links. It works in a similar way to an auction, and is based on highly searched keywords and phrases. Place a bid on what you feel the keyword is worth, see its exposure grow larger, and get billed when someone clicks on your web ad. Whilst it may seem simple, a Google AdWords PPC advertising campaign can often require a lot of time to maintain it.

Where we come into the picture

Our PPC advertising gurus will be able to get the most out of your PPC campaign, no matter what industry you’re in. We understand that, whilst more traffic and enquiries is everyone’s ultimate dream come true, it cannot be at the expense of the bottom line. Our speciality lies in creating a PPC advertising strategy that not only works, but runs better, and on a more affordable basis.

We also excel in demographic targeting, meaning that your chosen Melbourne PPC service will only reach the key audience in Melbourne that you’re looking to get to. As part of our in depth consultation, we seek to find out exactly who it is you’re looking to reach out to with your PPC advertising. We do refined targets, not broad based strokes, and can deliver focused results from a like minded approach.


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