POS software made easy and accessible

Businesses can no longer rely on cash registers to compete, and POS software now needs to be multi platform, efficient, and reliable. Even more important, however, is the demands of the modern day customer, requiring full attention and engagement at all times. The POS software that ITCC can develop for you will allow you to do all of this, from anywhere in your retail store or hospitality venue.

Our POS systems are made with the nature of your business in mind, providing you with a customised retail solution for your particular shop or hotel. We tailor all of our software solutions specific to your needs, ensuring that your potential for increased retail sales is reached without any hassle. The POS software that ITCC can develop will allow you to:

  • Track enquiries.
  • Increase transaction efficiency.
  • Save on software upgrade costs.
  • Synchronise your database in real time.

Who benefits from an enhanced POS system?


Speed is everything, and our software will deliver incredible sales efficiency. Best of all, it will keep check of your stock lists as your meals or beverages are purchased.


Our software will revolutionise the way you see your shop. Our mobile software will allow you to move and engage with your client, allowing you to devote all of your time to their needs.

Sales and marketing firms

See the effectiveness of your marketing strategies as data comes in from across all of your sale points. It will also let you see which key demographic areas are being covered.

Heavy industry

No longer do you have to bring your clients back into the showroom from the factory. Complete purchases at the click of a button wherever you are, with our great mobile software.

What a good POS solution should be able to do for you

Sell anywhere, with mobile POS software

  • Provide access from anywhere.
  • Offer the latest technology.
  • Show real time data and analysis.
  • Improve staff collaboration.
  • Able to be used both on and offline.
  • Require minimal, initial investment.
  • Track your stock and inventory.
  • Manage customer data efficiently.

Our mobile software can get you and your staff from behind the counter and amongst your store. We can tailor mobile POS applications, which will allow you to provide your customers with a more close and unique experience of your restaurant, hotel or shop. Take orders, sell at the table, and process enquiries as they are made, all on your mobile device.

Best of all, these mobile POS devices will be able to synchronise with the rest of your database as data is inputted. Providing you with precise control and analysis of the performance of your sales, you will be able to formulate sales strategies on the go and more easily than ever before. ITCC can ensure that you too can possess this incredible scope for enhancing your business.

We can provide you with an all-in-one POS package

When we design our POS software from scratch, it will be built with the hindsight of what will you need to expand your business further. Creating timeless software is an artform, and our software developers are ready to put their skills at work for you. We can develop a POS package that will allow you the scope to reach out further into new markets and clientele.

Our software will also bring together all of the essentials that you need to effectively manage the happenings and goings on of your business. With the help of our experienced software development team, ITCC will give you the accessibility and convenience that you crave. You will be happy, and so too will your cherished customers.

What we can do for you

At ITCC, we understand the incredible power that online relationship building can provide. All of our email marketing campaigns are designed precisely with this in mind. We will utilise in depth knowledge of your industry to help you reach out to your base and suppliers, transforming your company into a vibrant information hub.

We will also be able to manage your email database effectively, making sure that your target audience is always expanding. With a keen eye on the progress of your marketing campaign, we can guarantee that your emails will be received by an increasing number of people. We can give you the reach and the audience that you need to make an impact online.


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