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Project Consulting

Agile methodology has taken a leap over the traditional waterfall method because of its simplicity, effectiveness and fast delivery which are very important factors to have a profitable business in a short duration. Agile is a sure-shot way to transform your business and accelerate profitable growth. And ITCC is a proven champion in agile. At ITCC, we can set up an Agile model across hundreds of cross-functional teams to improve on time-to-market, boost the quality of the outcome and increase team morale.

Our project consultants specialise in project governance, assessment and all aspects of project execution - we aren’t afraid of obstacles and are ever ready to tackle as many market changes as there are. Do you want results? Choose ITCC! We have got certified agile consultants, PMP consultants and project managers to make your project a wild success, covering every step of the process, from strategy, implementation to closure.

Let us help you take your project to a new level, irrespective of whether it’s using Waterfall or Agile methodology. You can bet on it!

ITCC can help you via these offerings:

ITCC: Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne

Deep expertise

We have Managers and Agile Transformation Catalysts with more than 10 years of experience and certifications like PMI-PMP, PRINCE2, CSM, SAFE, etc, with projects are undertaken for Government and Private sectors in project management consulting.

ITCC: Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne

WoW Results

By following our proven strategies, you can see amazing results in time-to-market, faster project delivery and good interaction with project stakeholders throughout the project execution.

ITCC: Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne

Training and Support

Our business management consultants are with you throughout the complete execution of your project. We implement agile principles and thoroughly train our project team to follow and adhere to it. We will also inject ‘Agile’ theories in your team and company to have a smooth transition in understanding, and implementing Agile, which helps in better results and faster project delivery. After all, it is what the market needs.