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Your visitors will find your website easy and friendly to use
Presentation counts, and our team know what looks good
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We aim to display your brand predominantly on your site
User friendly
Our team takes care of all of the backend coding for you
Always unique
We don’t do templates, all of our websites are one-of-a-kind

Website Design & Development Company In Melbourne

At IT Consulting Company (ITCC) Melbourne, we develop, design and deliver exceptionally responsive websites, eCommerce sites, mobile apps, digital applications & much more. We serve small to medium businesses based in Melbourne. In a short span of three years, we have hundreds of happy and satisfied clients with whom we have worked from scratch to build and establish their businesses.

Be it online retail store, to more comprehensive and detailed webspace our team of expert web designers and digital marketers have provided the hand holding the client needs.

Our web design team not only knows what looks great digitally but also makes sure that your website’s design is displayed perfectly and functions seamlessly on all devices.

As a comprehensive web design agency, we offer you a streamlined and vibrant digital appearance to your brand. Our web design services are tailored to represent intricate planning, effective execution, and a look that will never feel outdated or out of step with your brand image.

More importantly, however, is the handholding we provide at once your new site is live and active. ITCC, the Melbourne web design agency is with you at every step of the way. Our efficient team provides ongoing support and updates to the website design, ensuring all the elements of the website are working as it should all of the time. With our web design services, you can expect to get the very best value out of your new website’s look.

Our Portfolio

We’ve got a good taste in trending , seasonal and evergreen creative web designs. We also have a knack for superior user experience , keeping in mind the website’s looks in different browsers. So no matter which ground you do business in, we will bring you booming into the digital world.

Our expertise in responsive web design makes your website look amazing across all platforms while displaying perfectly. It is also built to load at an accelerated speed on tablets and mobile devices.

Extensive Layout Options

In addition to different blog layouts such as Masonry, Timeline or List View, the theme is designed to work with a visual page builder that gives you full layout control over layout and design for your pages.


Right Sidebar


Left Sidebar


Full Width Layout


Boxed Layout


Navigation / Toolbar


Blog Minimal


Blog Timeline


Blog Masonry


Blog Grid


Blog Classic

Website that works great on CMS you love

We work with all of the major Content Management Systems (CMS) and hold expertise in understanding various platforms . Our team streamlines website’s backend and makes sure the front end of your website is displayed perfectly. We are also always in step with the latest Google updates, allowing your site to rank ahead of your competitor.


The most popular CMS in the world is also one of the most powerful. We've worked with WordPress right from its start, and hold expertise in optimising your website to provide the exceptional look and feel as well as performance.



One of the largest, PHP-based CMS platforms available, Drupal is capable of holding high traffic, complex websites with ease. We are proficient in enabling your website to get the most out of this powerful system.



Wix is one of the fastest growing CMS companies around. While this CMS system is fairly new in the domain, Wix has expanded its scope and technology quite rapidly. We’ve been quick to get on top of the platform.



The planet’s go-to software for eCommerce development. Allow us to use our expertise to help transform your concept of an online store into something you would have only ever dreamed of before.



Easy to install, and even easier to integrate your website into, Joomla is the CMS for truly for everyone. Our in-depth know-how enables us to create an in depth, attractive website for you, using Joomla in the backend.



The company is one of the fastest growing on the global stage, with their simple CMS playing a vital role. We’ve been working with Shopify and know what works best on the platform.

In-depth consultation:

We sit down and have a one on one understanding of your business needs as well as the design and platform which best suits it.

Same, great look across multiple platforms:

Responsive web design has taken over as the industry standard. We provide our clients with a look that is multi-platform, whilst representing the best illustrations which work best for your business.

Comprehensive web development:

Our Melbourne based web development team takes care of all the necessary coding and scripting from here on, streamlining the design to be as efficient as possible.

User friendliness and experience, all in one go:

Gone are the days when a website was simply a larger version of a classified ad. We ensure that the website is user-friendly, informative, and glues the visitor to your site, longer.

Integrated modules and widgets:

The power of modules to add extra convenience for your website’s visitors cannot be understated. Our web design company in Melbourne will provide you with the best of the lot.

What we can
offer you?

We can give you a full consultation

We can give you a full consultation on how to best represent your brand’s ethos through web design services. And we do that by first understanding your business needs. Post the consultation, our digital experts will keep in their focus on your business objectives. We ensure that our web design services match your brand and not the other way around.

We offer you a simpler, more intuitive website design in Melbourne, one that fits your budget. We’ve made it so that we can offer you the very best web design services in Melbourne, as well as outstanding support. We aim right from the start to help bring your desired website into life.


or call us1300 770 119

Responsive Web Design in Melbourne:

We have provided many businesses, across a diverse range of industries and sectors, with a streamlined, adaptive approach to design. We can do the same for you, too, eliminating the hassle of worrying about how your website looks on mobile devices. Our responsive web design team works in tandem with our graphic department, making sure you are getting the highest quality of visuals throughout your responsive website design.

Responsive web design is one of the revolutionary possibilities thrown open by the third version of CSS a few years ago. There has been no room for static imagery or two-dimensional landscape, since. With the smartphone technology, responsive web design has become vital.

An extension of your business:

Right from the start of your project with us, our designers will understand your business, its branding and imagery sense, creating the perfect website for your brand.

Killer look on multiple platforms:

The critical aspect of responsive web design is it looks. No matter what device it is opened on, the look and feel of the site stays uniform, presentable, and appealing.

Bright, vibrant, and stunning design:

An aesthetically designed website catches the eye of a visitor. Our designers have a great flair for what works and don't when it comes to creating stunning designs that integrate with your brand, business needs and looks, seamlessly.

We will talk to the coding jargon, not you:

Opting for ITCC as your digital service provider you can be rest assured that you are in good hands. With expert developers, we ensure that the back end of the website is fine-tuned to every aspect of your website’s performance.

User-friendly interface for intuitive navigation:

Your website should be easy to navigate for your potential customers to be drawn towards it. With advancing technology and increasing competition , it is easy for potential customers to start considering your competitors. With a user-friendly design, we ensure that the user experience is pleasant and that proves profitable for your business.

How does responsive web design work?

Originally being a way to control the dimensional aspect of individual pages, the boundaries of responsive web design have been pushed and tested - culminating now in a supreme tool at your disposal to enhance your brand’s awareness. The definition is located in the name - a responsiveness to what the reader looks for and desires. Responsive web design allows you to explain your idea in greater detail than ever before.

Comprehensive web development in Melbourne:

Web development is not only important to get right the first time, but crucial to the overall way in which your website works. To do this, securing a knowledgeable web development agency that knows its way around any content management system is vital. ITCC is one such web development company in Melbourne, and we’re here for you.

Our web development services team are adept with various CMSs. They’ll make sure your website functions as intended.

We’re also a full-service web development agency, with plenty of skills and expertise to hit the ground running. Be it creating web software from scratch, or simply making your site more efficient, we are reputed in honing web development services to achieve great results. Being current with the latest updates, we keep your website in step with changing Google algorithms.

We understand that having a website live is not enough. Our support staff are here to make sure the website is foolproof, providing a hassle-free approach to maintaining the performance of your page. Our web development services not only work the first time but will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Hand-in-hand with your design: Our design and development team in Melbourne work very closely with one another to achieve the results and performance that you’re after.Our design and development team in Melbourne work very closely with one another to achieve the results and performance that you’re after.

Seamless functionality across any platform: Desktop or mobile? Why not both? Our web development in Melbourne goes beyond to tailor your website for cross-device display and performance.

No trial and error, we get it right the first time: We do all the hard work during the planning and development phase to make sure that there aren’t any nasty surprises in the future.

The masters of CMS: We’re right across the inner workings of Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Wix, and Joomla, and know how to fine-tune each to give your website that extra power and performance.

We’re scripting geniuses: From simple CSS3 functionality to the most complex of scripts, our code technicians do all of the hard work behind the scenes to make your website work efficiently.

Get in touch with us today about developing your web space:

No matter where you are in Melbourne, our digital consultants will come to you and show you in real time what we can do for your website. No matter what CMS your website operates on, we’ll be able to get the best results out of it through our processes and intricate knowledge.

They will also be able to field any particular questions that you may have about the process.

From thereon, our development team takes care of the rest. We aim to make the first impression of your website an outstanding one and will leave no stone unturned in doing so. In step with our design staff, we can make sure that your website not only looks amazing but also runs perfectly and efficiently, all of the time.

1.An extension of your businessRight from the start of your project, our designers will be getting to know how your business works in a branding and imagery sense, creating the perfect website for your brand.

2.One look, multiple platformsThe greatest aspect of responsive web design is how it looks. No matter what device is used to view your site, it will look uniform, presentable, and attractive overall.

3.User-friendly: If your website isn’t easy to move around, then people are going to flee from your page in droves. We’ll make sure that the experience the user has is ultimately positive.

4.We’ll take care of the coding jargon. Don’t worry about the back end of the website, as this is where our expert developers come in. They will be able to fine-tune every aspect of your website’s performance.

5.Bright, vibrant, and stunning design. Our designers know a thing or two about what looks good, and they will be your go-to people to bring your brand’s look into the website with style.