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ITCC is an award winning Web Portal Design and Development Company in Melbourne ready to take your business to the next level. Our Web Portal designers in Melbourne specialises in creating amazing web portals for all type of businesses. Whether you need a portal for your customer's loyalty program, or a Backend to keep your Frontend app working perfectly, we have you covered!

Our team is passionate about what they do. ITCC will tailor the experience to your business and create a web portal using Backend and Frontend software that will have your customers coming back for more.

A web portal is a web-based platform created for a specific use. It gives varied access and functionality to different users and shows the most relevant content via an easy to use interface. They allow advanced customisation, allowing business and government organisations to provide personalised information and features to their users.

Web Portal Designing

Difference between a Web Portal and a Website

A Web Portal and a Website may sound like the same thing, but they are quite different. Both have their specific uses.

Web Portal

  • Made for a particular group of people or service
  • Has interactive two way communication
  • May need a login in to access content
  • Has a personalised experience


  • Made for driving traffic
  • Has a lack of user interactivity, is read only
  • No login needed to access content
  • Has a generalised experience

That being said, websites can have tools to create a personalised experience, such as content targeting. And web portals can have generalised public facing pages that don't require a login.

Choose to create a web portal over a website if you need to tailor it to specific experiences, you need advanced control over what content users can see, you need advanced control over permission features, or you have multiple styles needing to be integrated into one design.

Key Benefits of Building a Web Portal

High level of security for your company's data. With logins and encryptions you can rest assured that your information is secure allowing staff and users to use without fear of cyber security issues.

They're versatile. Most web portals can be assessed from any digital device. Start working from your desktop, then swap over to your phone when you're on the move!

Faster access to business information. All the information you need is conveniently in one place increasing productivity by not having to search through paper documents or multiple different servers.

Better communication. With all your information in one place and open communication channels between staff and users sharing and discussing information is incredibly easy. And bonus, you can save on printing costs as you'll be accessing documents online rather than having to print everything to share.

Customisation and Integration of other apps. You can style a web portal to however you want it to look! With easy integration of third party apps for accounting, payments, customer relations, or shipping you can everything complete in one place.

Mobile Apps Backend

Software run on servers to keep your Frontend app working perfectly! For your database, storage, and user authentication.

Different Types of Web Portals

Whatever need you have for Melbourne web portal developers, we've got you covered. Whether you're a business looking to streamline your day to day management, a healthcare provider wanting an easy way to book appointments, or a store needing greater communication with your customers, we're here to help.

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Backend Frameworks

Our web portal developers in Melbourne use different types of Backend Frameworks to create your ideal web portal.

  • Laravel: Opensource, follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern.
  • CodeIgniter: Opensource, MVC or Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC)
  • Yii: Opensource, MVC, object oriented
  • Node.js: Opensource, cross platform, runs on JavaScript.
  • and other PHP frameworks

Frontend Coding

As a web portal development company in Melbourne, our coding will have the Frontend of your web portal looking amazing!

  • HTML5 and CSS4 using Bootstrap: Perfect for mobile-first sites.
  • Vue JS: Great for User Interfaces and Single Page Applications.
  • Angular JS: Developed by Google for Single Page Applications.
  • React JS: Developed by Facebook for Single Page or Mobile Applications.

3rd Party API Integrations

We can integrate many different Third Party APIs into your web portal development in Melbourne to have your web portal functioning the best it can be for your needs.

  • Accounting Software: MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks, and more.
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, Stripe, Square, ApplePay, and more.
  • CRMS: Salesforce, Zoho, and more.
  • Shipping Integrations: Australia Post, Sendle, and more.
  • Email and SMS Integrations: MailChimp, Message Media, and more.

Steps in Building a Web Portal

Building your perfect web portal takes time and we break it down into steps from idea, to release, to keeping it maintained.

  • Planning and Research: First, we learn all we can about your company and vision for your web portal. We listen to what you want and need. Then we conduct research to find the best way to bring your vision to life.
  • Web Portal Designing Melbourne: We create the framework for the design and show you our ideas.
  • Web Portal Development Melbourne: This is where we really get stuck into things. Creation of the Backend and Frontend is delivered.
  • Integration With Other Software: We integrate any 3rd Party Software Required.
  • Testing: We ensure everything is running smoothly and iron out any hiccups.
  • Setup and Deployment: We hand over the portal for you to begin using and the portal begins its purpose.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: The web portal is now up and running! From here we monitor for any trouble and correct anything wrong.

ITCC is among the most recommended Melbourne Web Portal Developers!

Have a Web Portal in Melbourne you need created? Look no further! ITCC is ready to help you out. We have years of experience helping businesses from different industries create their perfect web portal. Contact our team of professionals now to begin your journey !

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